What not to do after laser tattoo removal? – Tattoo Removal At Home In Tamil

Do not drink alcohol

Do not smoke

Do not carry large amounts of prescription medication

Do not bring pregnant women or children into the room

Have a medical problem that could be worsened by laser therapy

Have a history of seizures

Have a history of mental illness

Have a history of trauma or trauma-associated conditions

Have a previous tattoo removal to the point where you were unable with proper medical attention

Do not have tattoos near the eyes, or where the tattoo is not comfortable

If a tattoo is near the mouth or chin area ask the artist to remove it first to avoid potential burns to the body

What if I have trouble getting the laser to get to the tattoo?

If you are having problems getting the laser to get to the tattoo, the next best thing is for you to go to a private health facility. Some patients have had success with getting the laser to the tattoo in a private facility by having someone else do it or by having their doctor take over the tattoo removal.

In addition you may be able to return home or another facility if you have a history of addiction or a traumatic event.

What is the best location for laser tattoo removal?

Many private health facilities like medical facilities provide the laser treatment in one location. When you go to the facility you will be taken to a private room where a nurse will guide you through the treatment process. This can be a comfortable environment where you feel comfortable as you listen to the treatment. Your own medical advice will determine the location of the treatment and when you should return home or be seen at another facility. If you are at home and feel like you might have trouble seeing the doctor, you can call the facility and they can give you instructions on where to be picked up.

Where will I be getting the laser treatment?

The laser will be in your body in the same location you get your check ups. During the course of the treatment session, you will be laser exposed to a beam of energy from a low intensity laser. A computer screen will display the current laser beam on a small paper screen near the bed when you are finished the treatment session.

The laser will be located somewhere in the skin of the lower arm when you get the treatment. Once you are ready to get the treatment, you will remove your shirt by removing the bra, and then the lasers will be removed by an assistant with tools for removing the laser beam.
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How soon after treatment

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