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What changes in the way that they are viewed and felt?

I would say that in the past 20-30 years, there really is an evolution. In the ’50s, tattoos were a more of a secret art that you did discreetly. They kind of kept to yourself. You wouldn’t ever wear your tattoos unless you were famous. Even in the ’70s, you had to be in some kind of public or celebrity status, and it was just more discreet.

In the ’00s and early part of this decade, people kind of got out in the open, and they’re more exposed to people. I think that’s changing. But when I was younger, you couldn’t really wear them and never talk about them.

What was your first tattoo?

It was very early on. I was 7. I remember growing up in the ’80s, before the Internet. People wore a lot of colorful clothes and made music out of songs. I was always into that. One day, I was playing with my brother’s band, and we had a performance and we were all getting tattoos — I think it was called “the ’89 Anthology Tattoo.” I remember I got a giant black bird around my chest — I was in love with bird tattoos. My brother had his, and I got a bunch of different ones. It was very intense — the birds and all that.

After that, I started getting more serious. I got a bunch of tattoos for myself, but I went on a hiatus on my first major solo album. I did a lot of work with different guys and came out of it with a lot of tattoos.

Were they of the same kind, from hip-hop artists to Japanese artists?

It was all different. There was a lot going on with the Japanese culture at the time, so I got a lot of stuff.

What about black people?

There were a lot more bands at the time. I liked the older stuff.

Tell me about your first major solo album.

I had my first major solo album — it was called “The Future.” That’s because I was the only one in the group that had a full-on debut. I wanted to release the album, and then try to have a proper solo series around the album.

It was a short-lived thing — I was working for a major studio, and I kind of lost interest with the solo thing — but

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