Why does my tattoo look darker after laser removal? – Tattoo Removal Before And After Pictures

As previously mentioned, light skin can bleach your tattoo significantly faster than dark skin. To maintain the look of that shade of pigment, your tattoo must be completely light and not bleach. If the laser removal has left your tattoo in a darker shade, try your tattoo’s original shade with a light or medium-duty light source. If that doesn’t work, the tattoo should be fully tinted.

How can I find out if my tattoo was tattooed properly on their body? Every ink tattoo needs to be examined by a licensed therapist, doctor or professional dermatologist. These professionals will determine how the tattoo was tattooed, where the ink is, and how to protect it from ultraviolet light.

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How do I get my tattoo back? Once the laser is removed from your tattoo, it should have a smooth, matte finish on any surface. If the tattoo is inked after it has been irradiated you can contact the tattoo artist or their staff for an invoice to cover the cost of the restoration or tattoo removal. Be prepared to pay for restoration and removal at a time and place you can expect the tattoo to return.

What is the cost of laser removal? Most lasers are available at a large array of health care providers that also have the equipment to carry out laser treatment within the same facility. Some laser-therapy providers recommend an annual fee of at least $30-400 to cover all expenses associated with laser treatment, such as equipment and labor, while others recommend a fee ranging from $350-$3,000 for the service. It is worth making sure that the tattoo artist or their staff has received your authorization before requesting laser treatment. Check with your nearest health care provider before ordering new laser treatment.

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