Can you get a tattoo removed in one session? – Tattoo Removal Results

No. It would take several sessions, and the surgeon would have to remove the rest of the skin.

You have more patients from out of town doing your sessions. Is the success rate higher among people who aren’t in the city?

There’s no question.

Why does it work so well?

The biggest thing is that it is a very consistent part of your skin and your body. Even though it would take a lot to change, you’re going to have it for your whole life. I mean, if you get all that off of you every day and just leave it there, I mean, it takes only a few weeks.

How long have you had the treatment, and what have you learned about your treatment?

I’ve done it for eight months, which is a big span in any form of dermatology. It was a pretty large surgery: eight parts on the face and eight parts on the torso. But I didn’t stop at one part, just because it’s good to use one part to see what happens.

After 8 months, you look different, and you’ll still have scarring from the part, but your skin is so much healthier and it has a better elasticity. It just stays the same kind of texture.

What do you think about getting tattoos over time?

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I guess you’re still going to have scars for the rest of your life, but I don’t think you need any. It really depends on what you want, where you want to be, and what your life is going to look like. We just do what works, and I think that has worked well.

Do you think a tattoo may be helpful to someone who has a very thin skin as well?

I think it can do wonders. It’s not as bad as some of the stuff that is put on your body that does damage, like Botox. But it’s not as bad as some of the scar removal or lip injections that are done, because your skin tends to just heal very quickly that way when it needs to.

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