How do I become a better swing trader? – Best Swing Trading Stocks 2020

You can improve your trading skills with a shortlist of tips on this page. A shortlist of tips may help you as you work towards mastering your trade. You can also view a comprehensive version of the guide, or a short list of stock recommendations. What is the best way to learn more about stocks […]

What trade is most profitable? – Swing Trading For Dummies, 2Nd Edition

Why is the government in the process of closing a dozen plants? A key part of the answer is the Canadian Wheat Board (CWR) and its subsidiary, the Canadian Wheat Board (CWS). In a nutshell, Canada’s national wheat management system involves an industry of 16 farms with a supply chain that covers approximately half of […]

What is swing trading strategy? – The Best Swing Trading Strategy

Strategy is the art of choosing the value of a security so market conditions make it economically advantageous for you to make a long trade in one stock, sell it soon in the other stock and profit from a low price. Do not expect to see profit on a swing trade. The most successful ones […]

What is the most profitable forex strategy? – Good Swing Trading Stocks

(A.K.A. What do the numbers say?) In this analysis you are going to determine the most profitable forex strategy for your trading, based upon the amount of forex you have to trade. Forex is the currency used in the global financial markets. Traders use forex to convert currency orders to gold and/or other currency based […]

Is Technical Analysis dead? – Best Stocks For Swing Trading June 2020

No. The idea has not been proven or disproven. The idea is still a part of the world of technology. It is like when people say “a new, better way to learn a language” and they do not yet see how it is going to play out. The same is the case with “technical analysis”. […]