Can you get a tattoo removed in one session? – Tattoo Removal Results

Yes. For the first day, you only need to wait 30 minutes in front of the dentist, and then you will be asked to wait in the waiting room for five to 10 minutes afterward. For the second day, you only need 30 minutes in the waiting room, and it is worth it to do your tattoo with this time, as you will not need to do it again for five to ten years. This is to help you learn how to wait for the person who should see you. It is best to do your initial appointment right after a meal so that you have not forgotten that we have to give you a few more minutes in the waiting room before we can give you an appointment. Then, you can take the appointment in the waiting room for the second day right away.

For which procedure are you looking for the tattoo removal?

For your first one, we are not looking for a permanent tattoo removal, it is not needed if you have small scars. We are not saying to “get rid of it instantly” but rather to see some of the scars and make sure it is not a problem with an infection if any.

For your second session, we need more than tattoo removal. We recommend that you remove the tattoo or tattoo design as soon as possible, and also that you clean it carefully after the removal to make sure that you have no germs that can get in the tattoo, or even worse, in your mouth. In other words, a permanent tattoo removal is our last recommendation. You can leave the doctor or a tattoo removal specialist to do the rest.

Does the artist have to offer an appointment time, or will he go ahead and remove the tattoo and we can proceed when we have it removed?

An artist should offer an appointment time with the patient no matter who is taking the appointment, as sometimes it can lead to problems. In a case where it is really necessary, the tattoo removal can be done immediately with the client or the tattoo removal specialist.

How long does it take before it is complete?

If it is not really necessary, the tattoo removal will be done within the first three or four days. There are also two other reasons why you may want to wait for your tattoo removal for a longer time: The skin healing needs to be completed quickly, and the tattoo may get infected. In this case, you may choose to wait a week or two before it can be done permanently.

How much is the treatment cost?


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