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“He’s like [the race car driver] Tony Stewart, he’s very, very easy to work with,” says Mr. Moulton. “I like to have a guy who’s gonna keep it simple. But I can’t really control him — that’s the problem. I try to find a way to help him out.”

You got your start as a mechanic during pre-season testing at Donington, in 2001, but did the team have to make up a large percentage of the budget?

“Well, it’s a combination,” says Mr. Moulton. “I worked for a company when I was in college that made small-scale cars, and every now and then you would find some new car manufacturer and we would be a supplier for them.

“I didn’t have any financial support, I wasn’t paid more than maybe half of what a mechanic should be made to make a living, so I did pretty good — but it was hard.”

You weren’t paid until 2002 when the team began its first full season. How did you get on from there?

The biggest issue at the time was the lack of technical support. Not the racing, but the engineers couldn’t understand what the team was doing, which was not surprising given the circumstances in that day and time.

“The people in the pitlane were the ones doing all the development, which was tough on the garage. I remember driving a car from one person’s garage to a different pitlane and back again three times. You were doing a lot of development and engineering at the same time. That took a considerable amount of time.

“All the engineers didn’t know much about cars, it was totally different from what they’d been used to. It was a little bit too early for me, I thought I’d be a mechanic before I got involved with the team.

“My first three years were really about finding work, that’s how I got started — and my first job was at the factory in the late 1980s, I was driving an XR250 that was a little bit older than the others at the time.”

You joined in 1997, which was around the time that a new engine supplier was getting big name support. Did that move give you an insight into what your next two years would be like?

“It gave me some information about how to drive a car, the technical side of it. But then what happened was it left

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