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Well, most people get lucky that way (as you can see).

But, we’ve been here for 20 years.

What did we learn so far from those 20 years?

First, we’ve been so focused on working hard.

We learned how to manage all of our business, and how to do every single job in our company in a reasonable period of time.

But second, we’ve learned that people who do well in school, get into arts schools, and even become great artists, do NOT, on average, do well.

And that makes it more difficult for them to build their career — and when they do, it is much more difficult to maintain their career throughout their life’s trajectory.

We’ve learned this by observing and observing those who were great art students, and seeing when they got to art school, and when they didn’t.

Because as anyone that has gone to college knows, it is the most important aspect of school.

If you don’t get great art students, you don’t get any.

If you don’t get great artists, you don’t get any.

As I was saying, people tend to focus too much on school when they should focus on their professional lives.

So let’s talk about it.

So what is the one key idea that is so powerful a teacher gets as a student that gets them to go to art school?

It’s all about managing.

Yes, you will be learning how to do all sorts of different things in the way of making art — but most importantly — the one thing you will not be learning is how to manage.

What that means is, you should be a very efficient person:


Well, this is not something I can tell you. It’s something that people are very good at, but I’m not in the business to tell them how to do it, and I’m not even in the business to tell you that it works.

But I should tell you this:

I saw one of my favorite teachers, Arturo Di Modica, at the National Academy of Arts and Design in New York, and he said, “Look at the person who can get into the AIA [Art Directors Institute] in five years, and the person who can’t, right?” And I thought that was absolutely brilliant, and that’s why I’ve been trying to get as far

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