Can you take art classes online? – Online Art History Courses Free

Yes, I did. I took online art courses for two years, which is what I did before my art degree. I think it was a great idea for me because I didn’t really like going to classes. I didn’t like the pressure that I was under, and, as many of us, are taught, and you […]

Is udemy a safe site? – Sparketh

As I wrote earlier. If udemy is going to be so bad, how will we be able to buy other game codes? There is no way to buy other game codes on udemy. We have to pay for it. We have to spend some money and wait a few days for it to be loaded […]

What is a self taught artist called? – Online Art Lessons For Teens

You don’t think it’s some high school drop out? I’d be embarrassed to tell someone I was self taught and the way I’ve chosen to put my talents to use is what has earned my place amongst the elite at this point. A self-taught art is an idea, created with passion, for its own sake. […]

How do you start a canvas painting? – Online Art Lessons For Free

What kind of experience do you have before hand? I started painting when I was six years old. If I had to tell the story of my first painting, I’d have to say it was a very simple one. I was sitting in my family’s small studio at the time, and we were doing our […]

How can I draw classes online for free? – Online Art Classes For Homeschoolers

You can create and sign-up to a free eLearning class on OpenCourseWare and complete it quickly with all materials and materials included in your package. You can also add additional materials that are not included in your package and complete the course at a later date at your own cost. How can I download, view […]

Can adults learn to draw? – Online Art Lessons For Teachers

Yes, absolutely. You will learn to draw the human figure and other basic shapes in a very short time, regardless of your age. No-one will be impressed when you teach them to make an entire human figure using just a pencil and paper, but they will learn to follow a single line and figure as […]