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There are many websites that teach you how to “draw” or “painting” without any paint at all.

Here’s an email I recently received from a reader, commenting on my website of several years ago, in which she writes:

[She wants to share a piece of her art] I just got in contact with you through a link on Facebook. I’m wondering if you might have a link to an app that lets you “draw” without paint… [This is a link to a page at the Internet Archive that contains an entire library of “painting” books by others to read.]

As I answered my email, I received this reply from a website user:

Thanks for your letter, but I can suggest drawing from real life. You’ll find many websites that have examples of real human artists. There are also websites that offer other examples and then explain them. Your piece is excellent, and has a very simple, clear point that makes you want to share your own work. If I were the author of this example I would suggest a short explanation of the subject matter, but if you need a little advice, please feel free to share this article for others who may want to read it and ask for help.

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I can confirm, though, that I did use a canvas brush, that I used an ink pen, that I used a pencil and I used a paper plate to draw a small sketch. No paint, no pencils, no sketch book.

I then had to search for the source material on the Internet Archive. I found a reference in an Encyclopedia Americana article, which seemed to tell that “the name of the practice dates back to Ancient Egypt but appears to have spread into Greece. The original technique was learned as a way to improve drawing skills by painting the ground in a way that looked like a real person’s natural skin.” But then the definition of painting changed over time:

I did actually paint the drawing with a brush and colored ink to make it look more like my hand, since that seemed to be how it felt (to me) to write on a real person, with my hand rather than my art canvas.

In other words, painting with acrylics rather than paper made the practice of human artist “paint”. In other words, I painted a drawing I did with a brush and acrylics, which would seem to “write”. However, by the time this dictionary entry was published (1983) the practice of painting with paint

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