Can Drawing be learned? – Free Online Art Lessons In Pencil

Yes, drawing can be learned, at first it’s very hard to do but when you are in first year you start feeling it. Later and with practice even harder for a few months, but also the next year you will get better and better and at first, especially with practice, even if you can’t draw […]

Can you take art classes online? – Online Art History Courses Free

Yes, I did. I took online art courses for two years, which is what I did before my art degree. I think it was a great idea for me because I didn’t really like going to classes. I didn’t like the pressure that I was under, and, as many of us, are taught, and you […]

Is udemy a safe site? – Sparketh

As I wrote earlier. If udemy is going to be so bad, how will we be able to buy other game codes? There is no way to buy other game codes on udemy. We have to pay for it. We have to spend some money and wait a few days for it to be loaded […]