What are the best free online certificate courses? – Online Art Courses For High School Credit

This study is based on the following criteria: The course has to have at least 1,000 students, a minimum of 3 credits and a maximum of 12,000 students (or 1,000 students and 3 credits). More than 3 credits is always a good choice, but not required.

If you wish to create a course for non-commercial online use after you have taken this course, you may apply for a commercial license. If you plan to do so, please contact us

Do you work with or sell software?

Since we are a non-profit, we are not allowed to sell any products, but we are allowed to promote them.

Can you provide a list of the software we are using on the course?

The software we are using has to be publicly available, free and open source.

Is this a free online course?

Yes, it is free and non-commercial.

If you are interested in getting a certificate, please fill in the form below which will help us to get you a FREE Certificate:

The following areas are covered for all certificates, depending on the subject you want this certificate in:

Certificate in web development

Certificate in Linux programming

Certificate in database technology

Certificate in programming languages

Certificate in database systems architecture

Certificate in databases

Certificate in system administration

Certificate in system administration

Certificate in information security

Certificate in software development

Certificate in network monitoring

Certificate in application development

Certificate in programming

Certificate in systems administration

Certificate in security

Certificate in computer science education

Certificate in database software

Certificate in web development

Certificate in software development

Certificate in software programming

If you need this certificate, please fill out this form and click the “apply” button to receive your certificate.

What are the conditions of this certificate?

For the application, please follow this procedure:

Please fill out the application form (PDF), email me at kristina.toukov@gosprom-solutions.de (email for more details) and submit the application.

When I submit this application will I get a certificate?

Yes. You will receive a certificate on the date you fill out this form.

When I finish this application form will I get my certificate

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