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Just use your style of drawing to figure out your style. When you are drawing the same character for a large part of your project, then a general generalization should be used to help you figure out your own style.

Let your imagination guide your drawing and you should be surprised to what your art style will look like once you have your style.

Are we drawing an artist? Or a character in their art style?

In truth, I do not know the exact identity of the “character” but I find the drawing very detailed and beautiful as is.

To me, the drawing of an artist looks like something beautiful in the beginning and something very natural as it goes up.

For that reason, I have chosen to call myself “a” artist as some people might do. But I like to think that my work isn’t art in the strict sense.

In my personal opinion, the drawing is mostly about the emotions I want to show, so I can’t say it’s art.

I think you can see that the drawing I have made is similar to many character art books/art book, as is my interpretation of one of his art style.

In other words, both my artwork and the drawings are similar, but I think I don’t follow the exact same artist.

So I think I just think one’s style of drawing is very unique in a way.

In your style, are you doing art or just artwork?

In my personal opinion, I just draw artwork, so I cannot really say if I am a artist or an artist.

Why do I call myself “artist”?

I actually just wanted to express what I feel about myself in art (which is something I am really good at),

but I could not use this term since I am not sure if it is appropriate to the art books and art book artists who I know.

Why don’t you have any other art styles? You have worked with quite a few artists that do just the artwork.

I have worked with several artists for more than 20 yrs.

How do you describe yourself in terms of design and layout?
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Personally, I do not know how to describe myself as a designer and layout artist (unless it is something like “designer of layout,” however, that is not as common as it once was). But I also do some design and layout work.

As for the actual art,

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