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You know that Canon’s DSLRs are much lighter than the new Sony cameras, but I found the performance difference between them quite hard to find out when I ordered my camera. This is an explanation of a few of my results during the past year.

The 5DSR is a mirrorless system that comes with a new 14MP Canon sensor while the Canon EOS-5D Mark III comes with a 16MP Sony sensor.

I decided to buy the 5D, rather than the 6D because it was cheaper. It would be a great upgrade for the 5DSR.

The other benefit of buying the 5D is the new lenses. The Sony 18-35 L IS STM, 18-55 L IS and 85-300mm (f/4.5/4.6, f/16, a bit long) all come with a 1/3″ size lens cap. Some of my pictures were shot using a 70-200 zoom lens or teleconverter on the 5D. With the new Canon lenses, I had to use a larger 1/3″ size lens cap and get a little bit longer exposures.

The new 5DSR comes with all these new lenses, but the newer 1/3″ lens cap is more useful. All of the other lenses will probably not need a 1/3″.

All images on this page are based on exposures shot in RAW for my Canon 1D Mark IV. I used a Fuji x100T and ISO 200. I shot a few 5D photos with the 6DSR, but they are not much better than the 6D for most photos. Only the 8MP EOS 7D Mark II is significantly better than the Canon and I would prefer a full frame camera. Only the 6D II comes with 1/2″ 1.2.1

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